Thursday, April 26, 2012

Indo Chinese Chicken soup

Indo Chinese Chicken soup


Boneless Chicken Pieces - As required

Garlic- 2 pods, crushed
Oil-1 tsp
Salt-to taste
Ajinamotto- 1/2 tsp
Pepper- to taste
Corn flour- 1 tsp
Spring onions


Chicken Stock:

In a  sauce pan, bring the water to boil, add the boneless chicken pieces and bring it to boil
Cook till the water is reduced to 1/4th the volume of the added water .
Squeeze out the water from the chicken and filter the stock using a strainer.

This is the Chicken stock.
Cut the boneless chicken in to very small pieces

To make Soup :

Heat oil, add the crushed garlic pods, the chopped chicken pieces, salt, Ajinamoto, pepper and stir fry till them.
Add the chicken stock and bring it to boil.
Mix the  a tablespoon of cornflour in 3 tablespoon of water.
Add this to the chicken soup.
As the soup become thicker, turn off the stove.
Garnish with spring onions

Serve hot .