Friday, October 19, 2012

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds / Oven Roasted Pepitas

My daughter got this recipe form her Kinder garden teacher after they went for a fall trip for picking pumpkins . I was very surprised to hear at first  that the pumpkin seeds are edible , but This is truly a gulit free snack and highly nutritious too. Off to the recipe suggested by my 5 yr old daughter .

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds / Oven Roasted Pepitas


  • Pumpkin Seeds of 1 Whole pumpkin
  • Oil - Few Drops
  • Chilli Powder - To Taste
  • Salt - To taste


      Take out the Pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin , It was kind of Sticky , Scoop out the entire Seeds . Wash them thoroughly and pat them dry on a paper towel .

      In a mixing plate , take the seeds and drizzle few drops of oil , and add the chilli powder and salt and mix .

      Preheat the oven to 375 F . Line the baking tray with Aluminum foil and spread out the seeds on the foil . Bake them for 10 minutes .

      The oven roasted Seeds are ready to serve .

      Enjoy this nutritious Snack .


      1. these are a great snack and wonderful tossed in salads also

      2. My granny (nani) used to save these after the pumpkin was used and dry them in the sun, which we relished later!

      3. healthy n delicious snack..

      4. Feel like munching some.Guilt free snack.

      5. Yum! I love snacking on pumpkin seeds and this one has a spicy touch to it.

      6. My son wanted me to make this last year. Easy and healthy.

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      7. I will be trying loads of pumpkin seeds, thanks to halloween pumpkins