Saturday, October 19, 2013

Apple Jam Recipe | Apple Jelly - Step by step pictures

This is my first attempt to make jam at home . We went for Apple picking last week and our fruit basket is loaded with Apples . My daughter suggested that we should make jam and so we landed in this recipe . This is a easy recipe and kids will love it for sure .Off to the recipe now .

Apple jam made with only 3 ingredients . Easy and simple
Apple Jam Recipe | Apple Jelly - Step by step pictures


  • Apples - 1 kg 
  • Sugar - 700 gram
  • Pectin - 11 gram
  • Water - 1  1/2 cup


      Peel out the skin of the apples .

      Chop the apples . Add them in a heavy bottom pan

      Add  water and bring the contents to a boil .

      Once the apples are cooked mash them well using a masher .

      Now add the pectin and mix .

      Add sugar and mix well . Bring the contents to a boil .

       Once the mixture starts to get thick and gets settled . switch it off .

      Yummy apple jam is ready !

      Store it in an air tight container and use . Refrigerate it for a longer shelf life

      • If the apples are too sweet Sugar level could be reduced as per the taste and requirement .
      • This jam could be made with out pectin too . Pectin is optional and could be skipped if needed .
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      1. How nice you get to pick apples. Over here, its buy and taste concept. Never made apple before but is so good and I am always in for home made jams.

      2. The jam looks Superb, especially out of fresh picked apples like yours..Bookmarked the recipe, I love the way its step by step so it makes it so much easier for the viewers, and readers to understand.. Thankyou Foodie

      3. Thanks a lot for sharing this jam.My kids will love apple.I can prepare for them and make them feel happy.

      4. Must try recipe for my Kiddo... it looks easy to make!